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Here was no shortage of fashion icons in the 1930s because of the rise of the film star. But it was Joan Crawford in 1932 who proved just how pervasive of an affect film might be on trend. Starring in the movie Letty Lynton, Crawford donned a diaphanous white organdie robe (Fig. 12) which would spawn hundreds of copies throughout the US.

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The broad neckties of the early Nineties remained the norm, but the colours turned darker and stripes and patterns were less frequent. In India and China, the Nehru swimsuit and Mao go nicely with declined in popularity in favor of standard Western business put on. Tweed fabric and houndstooth sportcoats went out of fashion because of their association with older males. Dress footwear included chelsea boots with rounded or square toes, wingtips, and monkstraps.

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