Guide for taking Good Care of Your Hair
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Guide for taking Good Care of Your Hair

You must have often heard the term hair is a woman’s crown. Therefore, it is not surprising that many women take special care to maintain the health and beauty of their hair. There are many ways that can be done to treat hair to keep it healthy, soft, and beautifully shiny. Some women are also willing to spend a lot of money to do good hair care.

How to take good care of your hair

Actually, doing hair care does not have to be at the salon, but can be done yourself at home. But how? To know more details, here are 5 ways to take care of your hair to keep it healthy and beautiful without having to go to the salon.

1. The first way to take care of your hair is to identify your hair type, whether it tends to be dry or oily. Once you figure this out, you’ll need to adjust the shampoo and conditioner you’re going to use based on your hair type. By using hair care products that suit your hair, you can repair damage to your hair such as hair loss, breakage, and split ends.
2. Wash with cold water. Apparently, shampooing with cold water can help prevent hair loss and make blood circulation smoother. Not only that, cold water can maintain the strength of the hair roots and is useful for keeping hair shiny and soft.
3. Wrap it in a towel instead of rubbing it. If you frequently rub wet hair with a towel, especially if you rub it too hard, it can damage your hair. Because when the hair is wet, it is very vulnerable to brittleness or falls out. Therefore, instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, it is better to wrap it in a towel to avoid breaking the hair excessively.
4. Combing hair properly. The habit of combing hair is also very influential in the health of your hair. Please note, if the correct way to comb is to comb the ends of the hair first and then the top. This is because combing from the top first can make hair fall out and break due to tangled hair.
5. Do not comb hair when it is still wet. The last way to care for hair is not to comb your hair while it is still wet. If you have a habit of combing your hair while it’s still wet, it’s best to leave that habit. This is because when combing your hair in a wet state it will only make the hair fall out and break due to tangles.

Must-have Hair Care Products

Like point one above, if you want to have healthy hair, you must choose hair products that suit your hair type. In addition, in the market today there are many hair care products that have their respective advantages. One way to treat hair is to use hair care products such as products from Anwen. This brand is famous for the advantages of its products made from natural ingredients so that it is safe for long-term use. Some of the hair care products from Anwen that you need to have to get healthy and shiny hair, including:

conditioner. Just as important as shampoo, conditioner can also make hair look more moisturized and manageable. Adjust to your hair problems, each of which has advantages to treat your hair.
Hair mask. The first must-have hair product for women is a hair mask. This mask is perfect for those of you who use a vise almost every day. The process of giving the mask is only applied to the hair layer, without any massage. By using a hair mask regularly, your hair will look stronger and shinier!
Hair Serum. As a complement, it is necessary to give hair vitamins to keep it healthy and well-groomed. After every shampoo and conditioner, apply hair vitamins, which are usually in the form of oil. What you need to know, avoid applying hair vitamins directly on the scalp because it can trigger itching, excess oil production, and dandruff. If possible, store hair vitamins, especially liquid ones, in the refrigerator so that all substances are preserved and nothing reacts with the air.

To see other Anwen care products, both hair care products, and Cosmetics, you can visit the official website by clicking the link in this article.


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