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How to Shop Smartly for Sapphire Engagement Rings

Especially if they contain precious gems like sapphires, engagement rings are not cheap. If you plan to purchase sapphire engagement rings, then you will want to be careful when making your buying decision to avoid making a rash and impulsive purchase.

Determine A Budget

You should set a budget before checking out sapphire engagement rings to avoid buying jewelry you cannot afford. Depending on the size of the stone, sapphires can cost anywhere from $30 to over £6,000 per carat. At the time of its sale, the most expensive sapphire cost roughly £80,000 a carat. Make sure you communicate your budget to the jeweler before you begin the shopping process. The cut, transparency, clarity, and color of the sapphire determine the price, in that order. There is no significant value difference between a large, poor-quality sapphire and a small, high-quality stone because size is an inconsequential factor in valuation.

Make Sure The Metal Setting Matches The Stone

Because sapphires come in a wide range of colors, you will want the band of your sapphire engagement ring to have the same color hue. A sapphire’s natural blue color is complemented well by metals such as silver and white gold. In contrast, pure pink sapphires look best in both silver and gold settings. sapphire engagement rings orangey-pink color typically complements yellow gold settings best. In the end, the aesthetic quality of a ring is completely subjective, and the design you choose is a matter of personal taste.

Fake Goods Should Be Avoided

In addition to selling cheap stones that look like sapphires instead of sapphires, less reliable retailers may try to sell ignorant buyers fake sapphires. Among the gems jewelers may attempt to pass off as sapphires are blue spinel, blue tourmaline, and tanzanite.

Deal With Only Reputable Dealers

If you are interested in sapphire engagement rings, then you should start your search at large chain jewelers since their business practices are scrutinized more closely than those of independent stores. Be sure to ask for an official certification of any sapphire you consider buying if you do want to examine the selection of local artisan jewelers. It is the responsibility of a legitimate jeweler to provide paperwork verifying the gemstone’s origins and characteristics.

Get Wholesale Sapphires At A Discount

In order to make a profit, jewelers tend to inflate the prices of their pieces. Nonetheless, wholesalers often sell loose stones, or stones that are not set in a ring, at prices that are close to wholesale. You can have a bespoke jeweler set the stones in a ring separately after receiving these stones. A piece of jewelry can also be custom designed using this method.

Visit A Variety Of Jewelers

A jeweler’s collection of sapphire engagement rings will be different from another jeweler’s. It is therefore a wise decision to compare different jewelers’ designs and prices. There are several similar designs available at different prices that you might like. The best way to ensure that you make the best purchase within your budget is to shop at multiple stores and weigh your options.

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