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 How to Take Photos That Look Great as Wallpapers

Photography is a popular hobby that people of just about any age can enjoy. Whether you’re taking pictures of people or scenery, there are many ways to frame your pictures and then display and use them. If you’re looking to improve your skills and create amazing shots, there are a few steps you can take. You don’t need to be a professional to succeed and achieve your goals. In fact, with some hard work and dedication, your pictures can look like the wallpaper you’d find on your laptop.

Just Take Pictures

This first tip may seem strange as you first read it. But the more pictures you take, the better you will become. You will also gain the confidence to take more complicated photos. Plan to take a wide variety of photos, too. Snap shots of people, landscapes, buildings, and animals. Take pictures at different times of the day. Practice might not make you a perfect photographer, but you certainly will become more comfortable with a camera.

Look at the Scene First

Once you get to the spot where you want to take pictures, you may want to start shooting photos one after another. The best approach is to survey the scene and get a feel for what’s in front of you. Visualize the images you want to capture, then snap away.

Don’t Forget a Tripod

Using a tripod to take pictures might not always be practical or necessary. But in many settings and situations, a tripod can be the difference between a shaky, blurry photo and a picturesque one. A tripod also does something else: it makes you more committed to the shot. Setting up a tripod and placing your camera on it takes time and effort. By doing so, you’re investing more in the picture than you otherwise would. You will then take your time and make sure you’re capturing the perfect image.

Try Different Approaches

A beginning photographer may think that taking pictures from eye level always makes the most sense. This may be true sometimes, but don’t be afraid to shoot from a wide variety of angles. Get low to the ground by getting on your knees or belly. Or, you can put the camera high in the air. You may be surprised by what this can do for your pictures.

Use the Rule of Thirds

Basic photography indicates that you should follow what is known as the Rule of Thirds. This means you should have the most critical elements in the center of the shot. Imagine a grid in your frame. Place two lines in the frame vertically and horizontally to create thirds. The subject of the photo should be on these lines or at points where they intersect.

Following these guidelines will help you improve your photography skills. You can then create pictures you’ll be proud of and want to show off. While at it, make sure you get a Shutterfly coupon and free shipping code so you can print out your best shots.


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