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Why You Should Consider CBD to Help You Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for your well-being. Ideally, you ought to get about 7 to 9 hours of sleep to allow the body to rest and be productive the following day. However, research has shown that about 70% of Americans do not get adequate sleep. But in recent years, studies done on CBD have found that it can help with sleep.

CBD for Sleep

Using CBD to help you sleep is nothing new. A lot of people have admitted that CBD helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. Besides that, patients have also admitted to feeling well-rested when they wake up. Many things can lead to sleep deprivation, including mental conditions like anxiety. And since CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety, taking it can help you sleep much better. Also, if your lack of sleep is caused by chronic pain, research has shown that CBD can offer pain relief, hence allowing you to sleep better.

CBD Dosage

There are many ways you can consume CBD, such as edibles, tinctures, and vaping. And if these methods do not appeal to you, you can use CBD pillow mist. You only need to spray it on your pillow a few minutes before going to bed. The spray releases cannabinoid micro-doses that allow you to sleep better.

In terms of dosage, this will depend on the individual. While some need like 10mg, others need like 100mg to fall asleep. But, CBD will only be effective if you take the right dose. Taking too much or too little will not produce the results you want. If you are starting out, take 5 to 10 mg and increase the dosage as you go.

Lack of sleep can put you in a bad mood, reduce your productivity, and even cause depression. CBD can offer you the solution you need to eliminate the problem. But if, after trying CBD, you are still not getting enough sleep, consider seeing a doctor.

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