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2 Simple Strategies for Protecting Your Vision

Eyewear Los Angeles. Or, even anywhere else in the country that sells eyeglasses. From the moment you get your next eye exam, your eyes may begin to deteriorate, especially if you live with one or more eye diseases. Protecting your vision is an important part of keeping your eyes healthy. Keep reading for two tips to keep in mind.

Why do you need simple strategies for protecting your vision?

The many different ways you could be harming your vision may make you need a much stronger prescription every time you visit a doctor. Ideally, your vision is stable enough that you can continue to use the same prescription or at least one that doesn’t vary excessively. But the rapid deterioration of your eyesight can lead to performance issues at work and at home. To improve your vision, you need to remember a couple of strategies for protecting your vision long-term.

1. Wear protective eyewear

The brightness of the sun alone is enough to cause damage to your vision. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, photokeratitis is painful and occurs after your eyes have been exposed to the U.V. radiation from the sun. Living in sunny areas or being in the sun without protection can make your vision worse, leading to problems. Wear protective sunwear even on cloudy days to keep your vision secure.

2. Use screens moderately and at a distance

Your screen should be close to arm’s width from your eyes. But you probably remember all the times you crawl up in your bed with the screen close to your face. The blue light from devices damages your eyes much like the sun does, all while increasing your chances of developing insomnia and feeling worse overall over time. Use screens moderately and keep them at a distance from your eyes. You’ll notice the difference next time you go in for a checkup.

Eyewear Los Angeles-made are high-quality examples of how you can keep your eyes safe. Choosing the best eyeglasses means getting your prescription right every time. Want to keep your prescription stable? Stick to these two rules to keep your vision healthy in the future. Contact your eye care professional today for an appointment.

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