What you may not have thought about cremation
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What you may not have thought about cremation

The death of a loved one or pet can completely change a person’s life. Cemeteries in many countries are running out of available space, making cremation an excellent alternative. Buying a small urn for ashes allows you to create a special place at home, inside or outside, where you can remember that beloved one with peace and joy. It is much better than traveling to the cemetery, which in some cities can be dangerous. Pet urns help people especially honor their pets. Some people make an “altar” with the ashes of their loved one or pet, photos, candles, or any object related to that person. Some use the urns to transport the ashes to a special location, such as the sea or the mountains. Ashes are easier to transport.

It is a personal act

There will always be people who criticize what they do not understand. Many people ask their family members to cremate them if they die. Cremation is a personal decision that should only involve family members. Not even friends have a say in this type of situation. If you search the Internet, you will come across photos and videos, in which people show how they keep the ashes of their loved one or pet. In addition, companies manufacture the urns in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, keeping away any gloomy or negative elements that may be related to death. In short, the person‘s last will is the one that counts. If that person wanted to be cremated, others should respect that. If your beliefs do not allow you to do so, consider consulting a psychologist to help you understand.

You decide the design of the urn

Death is often associated with the color black and gray. Common wooden caskets are usually made with “serious” colors. How many times have you seen a casket with bright colors like yellow or red? Urns for ashes are made in heart shapes or using bright colors. The advantage of this type of urn is that the person can buy it before death. Do you want your urn to look like a throne? Just contact a company that manufactures them, and they will do the rest. Materials commonly used include iron, wood, plastic, glass, and clay. The ashes are sealed inside the container, so no matter their shape, size, or color, there is no risk of scattering. Would you be willing to buy your urn? Think of this as a plan to keep your family from having to deal with this decision.

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