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How To Pick The Perfect Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is an exciting time in everyone’s life, yet for the one proposing, it is also one of the most stressful times of their life. There is so much to consider such as how you are going to propose, what ring material they are wanting as well as the shape of the diamond. Many opt for the classic princess cut diamond ring, but what if you want to stray away from the classic cuts and go for something a little bit different. In recent years, the oval cut ring has seen a surge in popularity and it’s easy to see why. In this article, we will guide you through the oval cut diamond engagement ring.

History Of Oval Cut Diamonds

Although oval cut diamond engagement rings have had a surge in popularity in recent years, the oval cut diamond has been around for hundreds of years. The first mention of oval cut diamonds was in the 1800s but was masked due to the popularity of the round cut diamond. However, in 1957 a famous Russian diamond cutter called Lazare Kaplan developed the new style oval ring and has been a popular choice for many years. Still to this day, you can get some beautiful vintage engagement rings with oval cut diamonds that just look fantastic.

Pros and Cons of Oval Cut Diamonds

There are many different types of diamond cuts to choose from and each holds its own appealing characteristics, but they also have its own unappealing factors. Here are some pros and cons to going through.


  • Oval diamonds look larger than the carat weight.
  • There are many different options to choose from to accentuate the finger.
  • A great option for those who want a classic look with a bit of uniqueness.
  • Oval cuts hide imperfections much better.


  • The bow-tie effect is likely to be visible with most oval diamonds.
  • Due to oval cuts showing more colour than other diamonds, the colour grade needs to be high for a colourless diamond.
  • To choose the right diamond, it’s best to know what you are after as it is hard to determine with just gradings.
  • It will take longer to choose the ring as there are many different shapes and sizes.

Choosing The Right Oval Cut Diamond

Buying an oval cut diamond can be difficult, but the most important factor is to decide what length to width ratio as this will determine how it looks on the finger. Each person will have their own preference on the length and width of the diamond as they will emit various amounts of light based on the measurements. If you opt for a lengthier oval, it will elongate the finger whereas a shorter length will be great for smaller hands and give a more balanced look.


Oval diamonds are usually around 10-30% less expensive than a brilliant-cut diamond. There is less demand for oval rings which in turn reduces the price. However, the cut itself is also a reason why they are cheaper. The oval cut diamond allows diamond rough so none of it is wasted meaning it is less expensive to create.

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