Therapeutic Massage, Personal Care & House Necessities

Its unhurried, unshowy rhythms have space for silences, for the sounds of nature, the strains of music (it blends Tagore’s own compositions with Baul-inspired sounds and words) and lunges towards concord. Parts of Thinking of Him would possibly feel somewhat ponderous and pedantic, however Cesar has a way of weaving elements into his cinematic tapestry that wondrous, wise and wistful. “This love between you and me is as easy as a song,” Tagore wrote to Ocampo, addressing her as Bijoya, in one of many many letters that he exchanged with her after. The scenes between Tagore, played beautifully by Victor Banerjee, and Ocampo , are shot in black and white by cinematographer Carlos Essmann. The up to date story, which foregrounds the fictional geography trainer Felix Mazzola who travels to Santiniketan looking for therapeutic and renewal, is rendered in lush color.

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